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Identity Trace

Our Background Screening includes identity searches including Social Security Trace and Address & Alias. This will verify the applicant’s identity and also show if he/she appears on the Terrorist Watch List and National Sex Offender List.

Criminal History

Statewide Criminal History reports will show arrests going back 7 years and any outstanding warrants. We provide the most accurate and current information available. Our quality searches are always processed in the fastest time possible.

Motor Vehicle Report

Driving History reports show status, and a full driving history report which includes all personal identifiers as well as the offenses and citations in the state requested. We offer a 3-7 year Driving History reports in all 50 states and Washington DC.

Credit Report

Credit Checks are provided by one of the three nationwide credit bureaus. Reports include derogatory credit information, public filings (bankruptcies, liens and judgments), account standing with creditors and previous address history.

Drug Testing

We provide a comprehensive list of test types, and will work with you to put together a drug testing program to meet your company’s specific needs.  Our most popular test is the Rapid 6-panel urine test that provides same day results.  We have several conveniently located testing facilities in the Atlanta area.

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