Take the Uncertainty Out of
Hiring New Employees

Let SecureHire Help You Make the Best Hiring Decision


Pre-Employment Screening is a workplace necessity. It gives your managers the critical information they need to make the best hiring decisions. This assures that you are not only choosing the most qualified candidates, but the ones that are most likely to succeed.

As an employer, you want the most accurate information available. Online databases don’t always give you that. When you choose SecureHire, the information you receive is from a trusted navigator of global talent solutions.

Simple . Streamlined . Secure

Your Process Simplified

Your personalized dashboard lets you manage onboarding applicants electronically. Easy upload and quick results every time!

Your Documents In One Place

No more searching for emails and lost documents. Everything you need is right here, easily accessible with just a few clicks.

Your Information Protected

Safer than email, SecureHire’s innovative system of document delivery is the new standard of applicant processing. Your information is Safe and SECURE!